When it comes to the Pressure Washing Industry in the Pasadena, Texas area, Pressure Washing Sales & Rentals has you covered. We offer the highest quality of customer service on the entire planet and in the Pasadena area. There is a very large demand for people who want Pressure Washers in the area.

Manufacturing Companies, Oil and Gas Companies, Contractors, and Homeowners are only a few of the type of places and people who rent and buy from us. Pasadena is a very dirty and moldy city. Of course we all know it is a great place to live, but it always needs to be cleaned. Endless amount of cleaning and there is enough work for everyone. Our fleet of rentals Is better than any other fleet in the area because we build them knowing that they must not break even when they are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the demand that people need, and we know that by delivering the highest quality of pressure washers that the industry has to offer, that our clients will be highly satisfied. When an oil and gas company has an issue with our equipment, we understand that it starts costing them money by the minute, so we feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that does not happen.

What if I rent a machine and it breaks down?

We have a very thorough process before a machine can be rented out, but in any scenario where the machine breaks down, we will personally deliver another unit to you and pick up the old unit. We take pride in our customers, and we do not take things lightly when it comes to our equipment and servicing contractors.

If I am a Homeowner, do you recommend I clean my own driveway?

We actually rent machines to homeowners every day, and because it is just your driveway we will teach you exactly what to do when you pick up the pressure washer from our Pasadena location. There is no need to pay a contractor if you’re the type of person who likes to do it yourself.

The staff at our Pasadena Pressure Washer Repair location can handle any and all type of repairs. If you have a major engine problem, in a lot of cases it is sometimes best to just replace the motor when a new one. Come check out our Pasadena location and meet our amazing staff who is ready to serve you best!



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Hannah was great at getting my financing application done quickly. We contacted Aztec and my pressure washer arrived within 3 days. Thank again

Gurriel Yamada – Pasadena Pressure Washing Contractor