La Porte is such a great city to provide Pressure Washing services in! With sylvan beach just right around the corner, you can really enjoy all of the views each day either before pressure washing or after. It is definitely a great place to visit after a long hard day of cleaning out in the field. When it comes to the pressure washing industry, our La Porte warehouse has everything you need from Rentals, Sales, and Repairs. Our repair facility can typically get you in and out within a couple of days depending on how major the repair is. When it comes to the cleaning and power washing industry we strive ourselves on being able to provide the highest quality of service to all of our customers. The types of customers who come to us are Home owners, Contractors, and Oil and Gas Companies.

Why do our customers choose us?

Being the heart of the La Porte area makes us super convenient to the Oil and Gas industry for all of their pressure washing needs including service, rentals, and repairs. Exxon Mobile is always needing quality pressure washers for their contractors to use to keep the chemical plants cleaned. Contractors always need us for purchasing soaps, new equipment, parts, and accessories to provide great quality cleaning services to the customer in which they provide services too. Our La Porte location has been growing and growing.

Are we currently hiring?

We are always taking applications and we always keep an open mind when it comes to the Pressure Washing Gurus who really love the pressure washing industry and are enthusiastic about the industry. If you’re wanting to join our team of dedicated experts send us an email to We have a very strict hiring process and you must be able to take a test on the pumps, repairs, and service.

Do we sell Soft Washing Equipment?

Yes, we do! In fact we have a dedicated team member by the name of Andrew who handles all of our soft washing custom builds, he actually dreams about soft washing when he sleeps at night, believe it or not. Soft Washing is great for cleaning mold of off buildings, homes, concrete and even boats, believe it or not. We also sell Chemicals for you too!

In 1985, our owner used to have a Pressure Washing business and he would pressure wash homes, cars, buildings, driveways, parking lots, and then in the early 1990s he started helping contractors grow their companies and that’s when he and his wife decided to start Pressure Washing Sales & Rentals! It’s really an accomplishment of their dedication to the entire industry as a whole. There are so many contractors who buy the wrong equipment, do not know how to clean something, and now we are able to help thousands of contractors get all of the right equipment, chemicals, and training to do the job right. We pride ourselves on this and it actually a part of our mission statement here in the company office.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any product, chemical, or piece of equipment that comes out of any of our locations that we have. We believe that if the Contractor is happy, then everyone will be happy! We always provide monthly trainings so keep in touch with us to learn more!

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I have been using Pressure Washer Sales & Rentals for a while now to buy new equipment, rent equipment, and its awesome that I can buy local equipment and if I have any issues its only a 5 min drive to get it repaired or to buy parts to repair it myself. Love the staff there too.

Brian Taylor – La Porte Contractor