Welcome to our Kemah, Texas Pressure Washing Sales, Pressure Washing Repairs, and Pressure Washing Rentals page. We are extremely blessed to be the leading pressure washing provider in the Kemah, Texas area. When it comes to pressure washing we have you covered or your money back.

We do not take the pressure washing industry lightly, we only hire the best staff that absolutely loves pressure washing. We actually require our staff to take a pressure washing test before they are hired to make sure they have extreme knowledge of our industry so we can make sure our customers get the best service possible. When it comes to the pressure washing industry, we know we are the best, and so because we believe that, we are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

In the Kemah area, the pressure washing industry is much bigger than people may realize. With the Kemah Boardwalk right around the corner from us, they use pressure washers every night of the week keeping the place clean. When you drive around on Highway 146 or FM 518, you will see pressure washing fleets cleaning gas stations and restaurant drive-thrus. All of these cleaning contractors and businesses need the best when it comes to Sales, Repairs, and Rentals. If one of their machines is breaks down, they need to be able to know that we will have them back up in running the same day or have them a rental the same night. We pride ourselves on that because we love to help people provide income for their families. The contractor’s success is something we do not take lightly. We want the best for all of our contractors in the Kemah, Texas area. Our owner is a Kemah Police Officer, so everyone practically knows who we are.

What are the Best Attributes about our Kemah Location?

We Sell Pressure Washers to local Kemah Residents & Contractors

We Rent Pressure Washers to local Kemah Residents & Contractors

We Repair Pressure Washers for local Kemah Residents & Contractors

We have a LOCAL Warehouse for Repairs, Service, & Sales in KEMAH!

Our Shop is super convenient and easy to get to!

We stay Open for long hours each day to conveniently make it easier FOR YOU!

What if I cannot afford a Pressure Washer but I want to become a Contractor?

Do not worry, we have you covered! With our financing program as long as you have proof of income we can get you financed within 24-48 hours. We have a lot of customers who have full time careers who start pressure washing on the side for extra money and in some cases they quit their full time jobs to become a full time Pressure Washer. In fact, one of our fire fighter customers just recently quit his job to become a full time Pressure Washer because his business really started to blow up.

Why Start a Pressure Washing Business in Kemah, Texas?

So you live in the Kemah Area and your thinking about starting a Pressure Washing business? As long as you have the drive and really love to clean stuff, it is an easy business to start up. You can run it as a DBA or as an LLC and start getting customers fast with just a few different marketing strategies. Typically the contractors who have the right attitude and the willingness to hustle the hardest will go out there and get the most business.

Here are the top 5 Reasons to start a new Pressure Washing Business:

Easy way to get new cash flow or secondary income

Inexpensive to start up!

Our Kemah Pressure Washing Shop makes it easy for you!

We can have you a pressure washing trailer built quickly!

Financing is super easy

We really pride ourselves on our Kemah, Texas location and we absolutely are super happy and thrilled to service all of our pressure washing contractors and homeowners!

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I run a small pressure washing business in the Kemah area and I have always had to tell my customers I would need to service them at a later date whenever my machine would break down. I no longer have to do that since Pressure Washing Sales & Rentals is only 2 Minutes from my house now. I am so happy with their new locations. Such a life saver!

– David Stewart – Clear Lake Shores