Houston, we have a problem! We are ready for Takeoff! Those words sounds so familiar to most, but the fact of the matter is that Houston Pressure Washing Sales & Rentals Location has already taken off! Lift Off was accomplished over 10 years ago. Houston is such a huge city and there are so many companies to choose from to buy Pressure Washers from.

What type of Pressure Washer is best for servicing the Houston Market?

We get this question every day, literally, so here is our answer: It really depends on the market that you’re going to be servicing and the chemicals you are going to be dealing with on an everyday basis.

With house washing and building washing in Houston, you will be dealing with a lot of bleach and bleach creates rust. So you need a pressure washer that is made out of stainless steel or aluminum because neither of those types of structure will ever rust. Stainless steel pressure washer frames will be a lot more expensive than aluminum so we tend so sell a lot more aluminum built pressure washers for the types of contractors who wash buildings and homes.

For the fleet washing contractors, the soaps required to wash heavy truck and trailers do not create rust, so any type of pressure washer will work as long as you can put upstream injection equipped onto the pump of the pressure washer. Hot water is a must for these types of accounts too!

If you give us a call today we can go over just about any option and also set you up on a financing plan to make it easier for your budget or current cash flow situation.

The Houston market has so many contractors in it, but the crazy thing about all of this is that there could be another 25,000 contractors here and there would still be plenty of work for everyone in it. Houston is a dirty city and needs to be cleaned every single day and night.

What I am a brand new contractor and I need training?

We have a location in the Houston area dedicated to training contractors each month to help and guide them to achieve their goals of learning how to clean and restore any type of surface. Our experienced “in house” engineers have designed some of the best soaps every known to mankind to allowing our contractors to clean quickly to have profitable and healthy profit margins.

If you are wanting the best experience for Pressure Washing Equipment, Sales, Repairs, Service, or even Training call or email our Houston location today.

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I needed my pressure washer repaired and had a short time line. I did a google search and took it to their Houston Location. Eric stayed over an extra hour and was able to repair my pump and had the parts in stock that were needed. I will be a customer from here on out.

– Bradley Stevens – Jersey Village