Top 4 Reasons for Needing a Pressure Washer in Deer Park?

  • Washing homes; House Washing requires the usage of a professional contractor to clean a home, and the need for house washing is at an all time high because of the amount of older homes in Deer Park needing to be cleaned.
  • Driveway Washing; 95% of all Driveways in Deer Park Need to be Washed
  • Commercial Pressure Washing Services
  • Industrial Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Sales & Rentals of Deer Park is located about 3 Miles south of Highway 225. We are in the Heart of Deer Park. We chose this location for a bunch of reasons, but the main reason is to me in the middle of everyone who needs our services. We always want to maintain a quality and friendly relationship with our contractors and plant managers of whom we provide daily services too. We really believe that when it comes to building a new pressure washer, we are the best. We can deliver a super high-quality pressure washer for a fraction of the cost as other local dealers. We build custom pressure washers from the ground up while the other companies just use other people’s brands and throw them on a trailer and sell them to you. We sell ball valves, pumps, pump repair kits, nozzles, high pressure hoses, lances, surface cleaners, industrial soaps, organic soaps, hose reels, electric hose reels, and so many more products that we keep stock on an everyday basis.

We really pride our selves on keeping a ton of parts and pressure washers in stock so that we can quickly and efficiently meet the demands for anyone looking for a pressure washer, repair, or rental in the Deer Park area. We also can deliver and pickup rentals to you and we also offer on site repairs as well. We sell both gas- and diesel-powered engines for our pressure washers and our engineers who design them make them super easy to work on so there is never any amount of major down time in between repairs.

What if I want to buy a Pressure Washer but I have no idea what to buy?

A lot of companies who sell pressure washers only sell them. We provide cleaning services as well, so anyone who works for us has either cleaned for us or knows how to clean. We do not hire staff who has never pressure washed before. We want to be able to help you choose the right pressure washer for your needs and not just sell you something that is not what your cleaning project needs. Using the right soaps is important and we recommend using soaps on about ninety percent of most cleaning projects. Not using soaps means you are not delivering the right product whom the person is paying for. When it comes to the pressure washing industry in Deer Park look no further than Pressure Washing Sales & Rentals.


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Issac and Devin were absolutely live savers when it came to repairing my pressure washer. We were having a party at my house and we need the back patio washed, I was able to drop in their warehouse and get the pump fixed within 20 minutes. Thank you guys so much!

Tyler Smithart – Deer Park Resident